Organize bananas neatly and keep bananas fresh longer

  • Keep bananas fresh longer - This banana holder stores bananas separately and elevated to allow for maximum air circulation around each banana. This allows for dissipation of the forces that lead to banana ripening (ethylene gas and heat) to ensure your bananas last longer. In addition, it encourages more even ripening of each banana.
  • Easy to grab-and-go - Convenient to access, without having to clasp a bunch of bananas and tear one away, which can lead to exposed banana pulp and attract fruit flies.
  • Neat organizer and good capacity - Neatly stacks up to 12 bananas and keeps your kitchen looking organized. Great for storing bananas on top of the fridge.
  • Unique patent pending design - Bananas look neat and appealing in this banana rack, which encourages eating them and reduces wastage.
  • Eco-friendly - The eco-friendly bamboo BananaRest is manufactured in Fujian Province, China by an experienced bamboo factory.
  • Assembly required - Ships unassembled, but easily assembles with enclosed screws and screwdriver.
  • Great gift idea - unique and memorable item at a reasonable price makes it a great giveaway item for realtors or for special occasions.
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